Equalization, Breathing, Monofin and Variable

At Freediving World Apnea Center the athletes can follow Master training in different fields of freediving:the equalization, the breathing techniques, the monofin use and the disciplines of variable weight and no limits. These Masters training provide concepts that go beyond the normal recreational freediving courses. The most interesting of these Masters training is the equalization stage. Since many years Freediving World works to develop new teaching programs on equalization techniques. More and more athletes from all around the world join in this training that help them to understand how the respiratory apparatus works, how to be aware of this and how to improve the own performance working on equalization. On regard Master training in Variable Weight and No Limits, there isn’t in the world another center that provide 2 platforms, 150 mt far from the beach with more than 150 mt of seabed. One of them is always equipped and ready for Variable and No Limits dives. Over the years, at FreedivingWorld, several National and World record were established in these disciplines.