AIDA International

AIDA courses cover all the levels, from the beginner to the advanced freediver up to the competition level. During AIDA course, you will learn what the freediving is, how to do it, how to improve your skill and how to dive safety. Every course is based on the knowledges learned in previous level, and so it’s necessary to have completed it with success before to enroll in the following AIDA course. The advanced courses (AIDA 4* and AIDA instructor) require to the student EFR/RCP certificate.

The AIDA 1star Freediver will open your mind to a whole new underwater experience. You will learn the basic theory of Freediving and how to prepare yourself for a breathold dive including breathing, duck dive, finning, buddying and safety techniques.

This course is your starting point. The course builds a foundation of good technique and safety so that you can buddy with other AIDA 2 star freedivers.

This course goes into the theory of Freediving in more depth which will allow you to understand the physiology and techniques behind diving deeper. The course will help you improve your Freediving performance whilst advancing your safety and rescue skills.

This course takes you to a whole new level of confidence in your Freediving. Not only will you learn the latest techniques for deeper diving but you will also learn more about conditioning your body for Freediving. This course will push you to the limits of your Freediving abilities. The AIDA 4 star is the highest level a recreational freediver can achieve.