Are you looking for a memorable break from your workout in freediving?

Would you like to see what the fantastic Sinai can offer you?

This experience will turn away from the routine of everyday life, allowing you to see the world from a different perspective, immersing yourself in the culture of a people like the ancient Egyptian.

Freediving World Apnea Center offers, through a guided tour, a chance to learn about a typical family of Sinai Bedouin, discovering more about their life and their traditions. Take the opportunity to get away from the lights of Sharm, from the noise and bustle of city life. Be inspired by the spectacular desert sunset, you will have the opportunity to take a walk up to the top of the mountains of Sinai to enjoy the silence and beauty of this amazing landscape. In a unique and breathtaking, you can have dinner with BBQ chicken and traditional dishes, watching the stars and the fantastic Milky Way at night.



Departure from the hotel at 16.00, ad approx. 40 minutes to reach the Bedouin camp, where you will be served at your welcome tea and their typical unleavened bread. 45 min walk to the mountains of Sinai to collect energy and tranquility of this amazing place!

Around 19:00 the traditional Bedouin dinner with water and soft drinks included. You return to Sharm at 21.00.

Price per person (extra and taxes included): 35 € (minimum group of 6 persons).