Ras Mohammed lies in the extreme southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, where the currents of the Gulf of Aqaba blend with those of the Gulf of Suez, and this phenomenon creates the perfect conditions for the growth of a rich variety of corals. We will visit the most famous diving destinations of the Sinai Peninsula: Shark and Yolanda Reef linked by a saddle sandy and considered among the most beautiful diving spots in the world. In this dive site the wall descends vertically up to 800 meters!

The barrier of Yolanda owes its name to the wreck Yolanda, a Greek cargo ship that sank here in 1985. The main body of the wreckage fell in depth a few years later (it has recently been rediscovered by a team of British engineers to a sub depth of about 160 meters). What remains are the toilets and bathtubs which add a surreal atmosphere to this site. Here is a good chance of spotting sharks, especially in the summer months, but you could meet also barracuda, real walls of jackfish, pike sea, batfish, snapper, giant moray eels, turtles, huge napoleon fish and variety of races. The corals here breath away and are incredibly colorful, you will find: Acropora, Brain Coral, Coral Fire, Broccoli Coral and Coral Polyps in buttons.



Departure from the hotel at 6.00 am by bus and approx. 30 minutes to reach the sites Shark and Yolanda Reef. Return scheduled at 10:30 am.

Price per person: 35/40 EUR.